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      This online course teaches children's writers the poetic techniques that will make their writing more powerful
      and infuse their manuscripts with poetry, music, and magic.

      What Students Are Saying

      I thought your class was as thorough and comprehensive as any graduate class I've ever taken.

      Kathy Doherty
      April 2014

      I naturally hear rhyme and rhythm but love learning more about the technicalities. So when I heard Renée was creating this class, I was salivating! I’ve gotten to know Renée over the years, and she has a special skill for communicating her VAST knowledge of language and poetry in a way that is easy to understand. There is a huge difference in possessing the skills and being able to teach them. Renée has this gift. Her class is wonderful! To me it’s just the right balance of mechanics and application.

      Penny Parker Klostermann, Author, THERE WAS AN OLD DRAGON WHO SWALLOWED A KNIGHT

      The best part of this class isn't the convenience (extremely convenient for folks with all sorts of schedules) or the reasonable price (totally worth it) or the helpful lessons which provide an amazing base understanding of poetry and lyrical language (they do, they do!). It's not the great community of fellow writers (wonderful) or even the inspiration that comes with the daily assignments (although that's CLOSE to the best part). No, the best part of The Lyrical Language Lab is Renée herself -- warm and supportive, generous with her time, and so specific with her feedback that you'll see an immediate improvement in your work. Just amazing.

      Suzy Levinson, June 2014

      Renée's Lyrical Language Lab is a master class! Immerse yourself in this rich guide to the intricacies of splendid storytelling and your writing will improve exponentially!

      Donna L. Sadd
      April 2014
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