What Students Are Saying

I thought your class was as thorough and comprehensive as any graduate class I've ever taken.

Kathy Doherty
poet, children's writer

I naturally hear rhyme and rhythm but love learning more about the technicalities. So when I heard Renée was creating this class, I was salivating! I’ve gotten to know Renée over the years, and she has a special skill for communicating her VAST knowledge of language and poetry in a way that is easy to understand. There is a huge difference in possessing the skills and being able to teach them. Renée has this gift. Her class is wonderful! To me it’s just the right balance of mechanics and application.


The best part of this class isn't the convenience (extremely convenient for folks with all sorts of schedules) or the reasonable price (totally worth it) or the helpful lessons which provide an amazing base understanding of poetry and lyrical language (they do, they do!). It's not the great community of fellow writers (wonderful) or even the inspiration that comes with the daily assignments (although that's CLOSE to the best part). No, the best part of The Lyrical Language Lab is Renée herself -- warm and supportive, generous with her time, and so specific with her feedback that you'll see an immediate improvement in your work. Just amazing.

Suzy Levinson, children's writer

Renée's Lyrical Language Lab is a master class! Immerse yourself in this rich guide to the intricacies of splendid storytelling and your writing will improve exponentially!

Donna L. Sadd
children's writer

I was a beta tester for this course. For the first time in my life, I started believing that I could write poetry. And I started adding more lyrical language to my prose. Prior to the class, I wouldn't have known what adding lyrical language to my prose even meant  I also gained the confidence to attempt a little scansion in my critiques when partners submitted rhyme. It's all clicking, thanks to this course and Renée's unique approach. I especially love the small class size and the individual responses to homework assignments and questions that Renée gives each student. Oh, and the audio snippets to demonstrate things like meter are fantastic!


Renée's The Lyrical Language Lab went beyond the highest of expectations. In a short period of time, I learned many new poetic devices which helped me become a stronger writer . Her lab provided ongoing examples of poetry and prose, references to resources, and reinforcement practices. Renée's in-depth feedback was invaluable for identifying flaws that needed revision and for making suggestions on improvement. She gave individual attention to each participant in her lab, as well as encouraged us to connect as a group and learn from one another. The Lyrical Language Lab was an awesome experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who appreciates language and wants to raise the bar with their own writing!

Patricia Cooley, author and poet

This course was incredible. I came in as a complete beginner and feel like I've walked away with such great information--the real nuts and bolts of poetry. Renée's feedback is SO detailed and specific, while at the same time very encouraging. This woman really knows her stuff, and makes the whole process a lot of fun.

Jess Irish, children's writer

Renée's thoughtful progression of her well-designed course takes you by the hand through the basics of poetry. She empowers students to grow in their writing with targeted critiques that inform where one can improve and reinforces the areas where one shines. This was a valuable experience that I highly recommend to those who are serious about becoming the best that they can be.

LoriAnn Levy-Holm, educator, writer, illustrator

Just wanted to tell you how very much I have enjoyed this class and how inspiring each and every lesson has been. Your lessons were firecrackers in my pocket. Thank you.

Michele Norman, children's writer

Wow! Thanks! I don't want to bloat your ego too much, Renée (hehe), but you are the best teacher I ever had. No lie. I love the way you encouraged us to do more. You brought out the best in us.

Kathy Berman, children's writer

I loved this course! I have learned SO much from Renée. She is a very giving teacher. Her feedback is spot on and plentiful. The course was challenging at times for me and I was working long hours at it. But I can already see the improvement in my writing. I am not so afraid of the rhyme and it has definitely improved my prose. This course was truly fun and enlightening! I'd take it again and am hoping she runs her advanced class!

Lisa Venditelli Karmel, children's writer

The Lyrical Language Lab exceeded all of my expectations! In four short weeks, I learned the principles of poetry and how to apply them to my picture books. The lessons were thorough and well organized, and Renée 's feedback for each assignment was extremely helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in writing picture books.

Donna Cangelosi, children's writer

First I want to say that Renée LaTulippe is a remarkable teacher. She makes the world of poetry, rhyme, and scansion easy to understand. The Lyrical Language Lab is without a doubt the best course in children's writing. Renée has given me all the tools I need to be successful in the business of writing. Thank you, Renée! From the bottom of my heart!

Robyn Campbell, children's writer

Renée LaTulippe's Lyrical Language Lab course is the best investment I have made in a long time. Information-rich and inspiring, Renée not only teaches poetry and poetic techniques but also shows her students how to put what they have learned to work. Whether you write poetry, prose, or Facebook posts, Renée's course will teach you, push you, and inspire you.

HL, YA writer

By participating in the Lyrical Language Lab with Renée LaTulippe, my ability to use poetic techniques in my writing has far exceeded my expectations. Working within a Facebook group with other dedicated writers has been motivating and fun. Our group included writers from three continents, and yet we all seem to experience similar joys, frustrations, and expectations within the process of writing. Renée walked with us every step of the way. I highly recommend LLL to new and experienced writers who want to improve their poetry AND their prose. Thank you, Renée!

Denise Engle, children's writer

The Lyrical Language Lab is a great step in building writing skills for those who write poetry for children or picture books or both. Renée LaTulippe clearly knows her stuff and gives great feedback on the lessons. There is a nice intimacy in the small classes (I think our class was seven) and an opportunity to receive feedback from several people. The price is reasonable and the lessons are terrific. I learned a great deal and recommend this course for any children's writers.

Rosi Hollinbeck, children's writer

Renée does a great job of introducing the concepts of lyrical language. Her instructions are clear and concise. Her examples are spot on. Her assignments are creative and useful. I loved the way she took all those wonderful poetry lessons and concepts straight into prose and picture books. An excellent class for both prose and poetry writers.

Doraine Bennett, poet and author

Renée's class was challenging and rewarding. I've taken many writing classes, attended many conferences, but this class, and Renée's method of presentation, really encouraged me to think way beyond what I thought I knew. Renée is a wonderful teacher and I'm looking forward to another class with her.

, MG/YA writer

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. The volume and depth of information provided far exceeded my expectations, and Renée's insightful feedback, coupled with her generous support and cheerleading, makes you feel that you are capable of writing anything you set your heart on.

Helen Cooper, children's writer

Excellent class which far exceeded my expectations! I came into the class expecting mostly review of what I thought I already knew....a refresher with some new insights. Within even the first lesson and throughout each, I found myself in awe thinking, "Wow....I didn't know that..." or "Whoa....that is so cool....!" I could not wait to put each lesson into practice! I had always been praised for my lyrical poetic abilities and declared them a gift. Yet I have been unsure of the ability within myself. This class has given me the tools and insights to boost my confidence....because I know what I need to do to perfect my gift and I am SO excited about it!

, children's writer

Reading the lessons was such a joy and delight that I went back over each one more than once. The detail of each lesson was so impressive and interesting and helpful that I wanted to make sure I missed nothing of it!

, children's writer

Lyrical Language Lab is an excellent course for any writer. The lessons are clear and build on one another. I'd never studied poetry before, and I learned so much on how to improve my prose with poetic techniques. Renée is a wonderful teacher. She is encouraging and gives helpful feedback. The private Facebook page is an important part of the class. We can read the assignments posted by fellow students and benefit from Renée's feedback on all the posts. I'm excited to grow as a writer using what I've learned in this class. I highly recommend Lyrical Language Lab. I loved every minute of it!

Cheryl Secomb, children's writer

I highly recommend The Lyrical Language Lab to help brighten and sharpen anyone's writing. Practicing the techniques of the different lessons brings out the joy of writing. Writing for children often comes down to cutting so many words and these lessons show you how to weigh the words for sound and impact and the fun of writing lyrically. Learning the different structures and how to apply emotion and imagery will raise every student's writing to a much higher level.

KP, children's writer

Worth every penny. This course covers all you need to know about lyrical language. The excitement and anticipation we had for the next assignment was like waiting for Christmas morning. What's in our writing stocking for today? Reneé's knowledge of the subject is extensive, and she is encouraging, but always points out how you can improve. You will probably find yourself with either a good start to a new manuscript or a polished revision of an existing one. Beg, borrow, or steal, but take this course.

SJR, children's writer

It was more than I expected in that I got so much more out of it than just learning techniques. It forced me to look at how I write as well as learn new concepts in regards to meter. It was the best money I've spent on a course. Very much well worth every penny!

, children's writer

What an amazing class! The class covers everything a poet or lyrical prose writer could need. The topics were well chosen. The materials were incredibly well planned. The assignments were perfectly designed. The class was manageable, even during a busy time. I've been recommending the class to everyone!

Liz Steinglass, poet

Renée LaTulippe's Lyrical Language Lab exceeded my expectations. With paced, clear, and relevant content provided in 20 lessons across several weeks, I was free to put in the exact time I needed to absorb and apply the principles presented. With focused (but also flexible) exercises and assignments in each lesson, I immediately put to use the concepts and terms I'd learned in both new writing efforts and works-in-progress. We always had Renée's encouraging comments on our work, as well as the choice of sharing our work with others in the class--a bonus source of feedback. What I learned in LLL, what this class infused my craft with, already shows up in my writing style.

Damon Dean, SevenAcreSky, children's writer

Renée's Lyrical Language Lab fulfilled my hopes, and taught me more about rhythm and rhyme. I've taught poetry to middle school kids for a long time, but still didn't use, or know, about all the tools that this class teaches. The feedback also taught me not only how to improve my writing, but what things I should be looking for when I write. Each lesson is a new step in learning, and a new inspiration to write again and see if it can be something to be proud of.

Linda Baie, educator, poet

Voice! Lyrical language! Cut the adverbs! Use poetic tools! Every time we write a story, we hear these injunctions from agents, editors, and publishers. If you want to ramp up your story and amp up your writing skill, Renée LaTulippe's Lyrical Language Lab is a MUST. Whether you write in rhyme or in prose, for the youngest child or the tween, the techniques taught here are the ones you need to use. The lessons are created for the beginner and for those who are well-versed in writing, and the mentoring is superb. The feedback I got on the stories and assignments I handed in was worth many times over what the class cost -- and each lesson was a mini-workshop in itself, something I can go back to as I move forward. Bravissima, Renée!

Vivian Kirkfield, author, educator, parenting speaker

Renée LaTulippe's Lyrical Language Lab has changed my writing. My goal in taking this class was to write picture books with a fresh poetic voice. Before this class, I disliked poetry; now I'm in love with language. Renée has developed a comprehensive class that includes explicit lessons, audio, poetic examples, as well as references to poets and book resources. The private Facebook group provided a wonderful community in which to share and receive terrific feedback from Renée. She continually challenged us and brought out our best.

, children's writer

I am more than grateful for everything I've learned from you, Renée. To me, whose first language is not English, your class was not only a poetry writing class, but it also helped me tremendously to enhance/fine-tune my English language knowledge and how it works within poetry. Your thorough feedback was of so much help and added to my learning experiences that I cannot even emphasize it enough. Although I've actually learned how much I still have to learn, I am very happy that I had a chance to be exposed to your knowledge and learn a lot. It's never too late! I'd highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to brush up on their poetry writing techniques and/or refresh their knowledge about language devices used in any writing. Marvelous job, Renée.

Vida Sreta Zuljevic, educator, writer

Never having taken an online class before, I closed my eyes and took the plunge into The Lyrical Language Lab. It is absolutely one of the best things I've done as a writer. Because of the class, I have pulled out old manuscripts and now understand why they didn't sound quite right. Although I've been writing for years, this class helped me look at language, the position of words, and the sound and rhythm of words in a new way. Always encouraging, Renée's feedback and guidance is quick, specific, and deep. The invaluable lessons and resources are helpful way beyond the time frame of this class. This class is worth every penny and every minute spent on it.

Ellen Levanthal, author

Fabulous online class. It is impossible to take this class and not improve your use of lyrical language. The quality of feedback was by far the best I've ever received from any instructor.

, children's writer

Excellent course! So much to digest. It will definitely help with my prose writing. Ms. LaTulippe definitely over-delivers with this course. Just make sure you can keep up!

Darshana Khiani, children's writer

I loved Renée La Tulippe's Lyrical Language Lab. I thought I knew about rhyme -- boy was I wrong! There is so much to learn about lyrical language. Renée is truly an expert. Her feedback was spot on and she presented the material in a student-friendly format that was easy to follow. The pace was not overwhelming either, although you do have to commit and keep up. I would highly recommend this course!

Danielle Dufayet, children's writer

The Lyrical Language Lab took me far beyond my rudimentary understanding (meter and rhyme scheme) into the musicality of poetry. The classes were organized well, highly informative in language I could understand, and thought-provoking. I found the writing prompts surprising and fun as was the interaction with my classmates. Renée's critiques were thorough and always gave me insight into possibilities. I've gained a deeper understanding of how to read and write poetry. I highly recommend this class.

Carol H. Crane, children's writer

The feedback and interaction with Renée, who is one of the most personable teachers I've ever had, makes this course worth every penny...actually, worth way more than the price! I've taken many, many writing courses, and the best ones are where the teacher is accessible and guides you through the lessons as though she were right in the room with you, having coffee and chatting. There may be other classes out there on writing poetry, but none have this kind of value for the money. Plus, Renée has credentials to back up her teachings. I rate her class as among the top 3 of all the ones I've taken...and that's saying something.

Teresa Robeson, children's writer

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